Sect 2. Disclose the Secret of Chi Gong
There are numerous Chi Gong books in the market, telling people how wonderful Chi Gong can do to improve health. But it is very rare to have a Chi Gong book telling people the dark side of Chi Gong. Because China is a country dominated by Satan for many centries. Only in recent decades, after Gospel reaching far into China, people began to realize the dark side of Chi Gong and overcame strong resistance to speak out.
This is a summary of the book wrtten by Shau Kwan. He was graduated from a high school. Because his sick parents got recovered by practising Chi Gong, so Shau Kwan started to follow. He became very devoted to practise and study Chi Gong. After a few years Shau Kwan got achievement. Shau Kwan could emit Chi from his body and inject into a patient and cure disease, even in distance. He got some special functions, with his mind power he could stop taperecorder from playing, turn off a lightening electric lamp. He could have his soul leave his body and go up. From above he could see himself lying on bed. He became well known for his Chi Gong achievement. But at the same time he became more and more weird in behaviour.
Before Shau Kwan practised Chi Gong, he was a friendly person. After practising Chi Gong for several years Shau Kwan became self-closing, arrogant, hot-tempered, revengeful, even killing. One day he felt the Chi in his body was activated and began to do wild movements. Shau Kwan did his best to control the Chi in his body but he failed. He was driven by his Chi and ran towards the window, trying to jump out. Fortunately his friends around stopped him and saved his life. He said he felt very clearly there was another himself inside his body doing that terrible attempt. Shau Kwan counld not understand why this would happen, so he was in a very bitter situation.
One day, at a business occasion, Shau Kwan met one of his friends. He asked this friend if he knew anything about Chi Gong. The friend answered yes, but it was very dangerous. Shau Kwan was started as hearing this. It was just like a flash in dark. Shau Kwan continued to ask for the reason and visited him at his home.
Once when Shau Kwan went to his friend's home, he heard a wonderful music. Shau Kwan said he felt this music was very powerful. He asked his friend what music this was. His friend said it was Hymn. His friend was a Christian. Shau Kwan told him his terrible experience with Chi Gong. As he talked, he burst into tears. His friend introduced Jesus salvation to him and Shau Kwan accepted Jesus as his personal saviour. Shau Kwan began to pray and study Bible. He began to understand the Truth.
Once Shau Kwan went to this friend's home. His friend and his wife both pray for him. Shau Kwan lay on flloor with his eyes closed. As the pray went on, something mysterious happened. Shau Kwan's body started to jerk, then turned into convulsion. Shau Kwan said he could feel a strong strength inside the body trying to leave his body. This strength made Shau Kwan's head and feet lift up. This strange strength kept ramming inside the body left and right, and bulging the skin. Shau Kwan said he finally felt several branches of strength merged into an image of a human being. This image filled his bossom, twisted his upper body and stretched his lower body. His body was twisted like an arch. All of sudden this image broke through his body and made escape. At this time, Shau Kwan felt fresh and soft all over his body, just like having a bath. He realized after practising Chi Gong for seven years he invited a powerful demon's spirit into his body. With God's super natural power this demon's spirit was driven out.
There are many cases like this, but very few got published. Once I attended a Chi Gong seminar in Vancouver. This seminar was sponsored by a group of Chi Gong masters from China. Their purpose was to promote Chi Gong abroad. The leader was a chief secretary of China Chi Gong Association. During the meeting the leader said he could not understand that when practising Chi Gong to a high degree, there would be an adherent body come over the practiser. once the adherent body came over, the Chi Gong practiser lost his control of his mind. he had to obey whatever the adherent body asked for. it was a very bitterly suffering. Among the audience there were some Christiens, who were at one time also Chi Gong masters, told him it was Satan's evil spirit. A qurarrel broke out, because these Chi Gong masters never heard Gospel.
From the mid decade of 1980 China started to reform their economy system, and people realized their old Communist vision collaped. They eagerly searched for new vision. Gospel spread very fast during that time. Many people deserted their traditional religion and converted to Jesus Christ. This was a bad news for Satan, because he lost souls to Christ. Satan trained quite a few Chi Gong masters appearing to the public and showing their special functions with a purpose to distract people from Christ.
One day a Chi Gong flyer came to my office. I picked up and read. This flyer was wriiten by a Chi Gong master from China. It reads like this Chi Gong is not created by human being on the earth, but a gift given by a universal highly intellegent living being. he was the one taught by this universal highly intellegent living being and created a special Chi Gong. The flyer said in the early stage of Chi Gong the practiser can have better health and get rid of diseases. In the high stage the practiser can contact this universal high intelligent living being.
In fact many Chi Gong practisers do not have so much time to practise Chi Gong. They just practise a little bit and are contented with a better health. These people can still be converted to Christ, because the Satan's evil spirit in their body is not strong enough to resist the Holy Spirit. Once I preached to a Chinese student in Vancouver. As I entered his room, he showed me a cushion and said "I practise Chi Gong every night on this cushion". He is very curious about all spiritual things. After two hours talk, he received Jesus Christ as his saviour. I asked him to knell down with me and follow me to say the entry prayer. He did. That night about ten he called me saying his mind reeling and dizzy. he felt distraught. He has no way to study. I realized this is the struggle between Holy Spirit and Satan's evil spirit. I told him "don't panic I pray for you". But he refused and cancelled all what happened that afternoon.. I don't know if this student will be saved at end. But one thing is sure Chi Gong is not a sure way to prevent people from believing Jesus Christ. That is why Falun Gong comes to this world at the year of 1992. This is a more powerful way to prevent people from believing Jesus Christ.
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