Sect 3. What is Falun Gong ?
In short, Falun Gong is automatic Chi Gong. As mentioned before, practising Chi Gong needs time, practising every day without interuption. While you practise Chi Gong, Satan's evil spirit gradually steals into your body and you can feel heavy at the center of your bossom. After a period of time you will feel better health or some diseases cured, you will not notice heavy feeling at the center of your bossom. Even you have the feeling, you don't mind. Most people stopped at that stage. But Satan wants more his spirit into your body, so he can totally control you. Satan invented Falun Gong, which was a breakthrough at this point and was first used in 1992.
Falun means a magic wheel, which is not a visible physical wheel, because it itself is a spiritual one and exists only in invisible spiritual world. It takes the shape of a swastika, It is intelligent to know what it is doing. In Bible there were similar things happened, one of which was in 2 King 6:17 "Prophet Elisha prayed to Lord to open a young man's eyes, so he may see the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all arouns Elisha." These horses and chariots of fire are not visible in physical world, but in spiritual world which is not visible. The magic wheel of swastika is also a spiritual one. Only Falun Gong masters can see this magic wheel and were able to inject this magic wheel into Falun Gong learner's abdomen below the navel. Once this magic wheel was injected into your body, it will permanently live there, no way to remove it by yourself. Moreover this magic wheel can automatically rotate 24 hours a day 7 days a week, never stop. You will not notice at all. If the magic wheel rotates clockwise, it can pump the universe enery into your body, if anti-clockwise, it can pump your Chi out of your body without your notice. The so called universe energy is Satan's evil spirit as mentioned before. Your Chi is ultimately from God, so you have normal reasoning ability with your mind. After a period of time your body is full of Satan's evil spirit and your normal Chi are all gone. You are not of yourself anymore, but totally controlled by Satan's evil spirit, though it will cure some of your diseases, yet you have paid your soul as a price to Satan. Therefore Falun Gong is not a free medical insurance as somebody glorified. It is a bait from Satan to capture your soul.
Once you are injected with the Falun or the magic wheel, you are unconsciously practising Chi Gong day and night. At the same time a small magnetic field is created around you by Satan: This magnetic field has power, it can influence people near you, such as confusing their mind. The more people gather together practise Falun Gong, the more powerful the magnetic field is and more people's mind can get influenced. That is why the Falun Gong learners always practise Falun Gong in public area and in group. So keep away from the Falun Gong group.
If a Falun Gong learner obay all the rules set up by his master, then he may be ok. But if any one who wants to leave Falun Gong and believe in Jesus Christ, then he will soon be killed by Satan's evil spirit already inside his body. In China Gospel spreads very fast in recent decades, thousands and thousands people believed in Jesus Christ. It was reported in 2003, about 1500 to 1600 Falun Gong practisers were killed mysteriously. That is why the Chinese government banned Falun Gong as evil religion.
Gospel is desperately needed in China, after the ten years of Culture Revolution. All people in China realized their old vision of Communism was collapsed, people were searching new vision. On the other hand, the moral standards are drastically declined. Many people have no fear as long as they can make money. They corrupt, bribe, make false drink and medicine, make illegal copy of anything. Even after being put in jail they keep doing what is illegal. Under this circumstance, no other teaching can correct them, except Jesus Salvation. So preaching Gospel is the only way to put China into right track. Therefore, Falun Gong is the worst enemy. It must be totally banned, zero tolerance.
In western countries, the situation is to the contrary. Jesus Salvation was taught in school and preached to public for many centuries. With the Holy Spirit in their hearts, most people became honest. Honest people is the basis to build a democratic social system. What is democracy ? In one word, one person one vote to elect their leaders. So, honest public elected honest leaders. In return, honest leaders gave people freedom and human rights. This freedom and human rights were within the Bible teaching. Human rights subject to God's right brought in God's blessing. That is why all western countries became rich, honest and powerful.
When the people in western countries became rich, honest and powerful, they started to be self-determining and arrogant. They don't like Bible teachings, as to what to do or not. They wanted to do whatever they like. They gradually left God and God also left them, then Satan crept in. Satan made them indulging in sex freedom, which constantly expands and seems to be unlimited. When this freedom was legalized, it became unrectricted human rights. These kind freedom and human rights are all sinful. They wanted their human rights above God's rights. This is the situation for today's western people. They deserted Bible and were looking for new teaching. In 2 Timothy 4:3 "For the time will come when men will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lust, they will gather around them a great number teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear." So, Chi Gong and Falun Gong greatly intrigued them and became their new masters. Under this circumstance, Satan likes them practising Falun Gong longer and longer, so as to attract more and more people to follow. That is why in western countries, for the time being, there was no killing instance happened with practising Falun Gong.
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