Sect 1. Have Chi Gong and Falun Gong anything related to religion ?
The answer is "Yes". Let me explain to you step by step. In my Chinese version I explained Chi Gong and Falun Gong here and there. In this English version I put them together. First of all, what is Chi or Qi ? Chi means breathing, breath, air. Air is easy to understand. We breathe air into our lung and breathe out used air. If you take a deep breath, you will feel something moving deep into abdomen, below your navel. This move is the move of Chi not air. Air stops at the lung and air will not go below the navel. The area below navel is the reservoir of Chi. When Chi is on the move we say it is breathing, breath, air or wind sometimes. When Chi stay in your body, it is life and energy. The question is why breathing or breath will related to life and energy ? Let us turn to Bible. In Genesis 2:7 (KJV), "....God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul." Here God's breath in human body becomes a living soul. What is living soul ? It is a human being with soul, not just human being as some version of Bible said, because this saying missed an important ingredient of human being. In English proverb "Keep body and soul together". This means a living person is a combination of body and soul. When body and soul separated, then it is a dead person. Soul is from God's breath of life or God's Chi.
Our medical science studies the body only, Bible teaches us something about our soul. Our body exists in visible world or physical world, but our soul exists in invisible world or spiritual world. The soul means life and energy and soul can influence our health and mind.. In Chinese medicine, if somebody is weak in strength, the herb doctor would say "you are short of Chi and needs some tonic like Ginseng to produce more Chi" When Ginseng works, the patient will have more Chi or energy and becomes vigorous in mind.

There is another way to get more Chi. That is called Chi Gong Sometimes people say it is a way to have better health free of cost, This Gong in Chi Gong means special practice, such as transcendental meditation, to achieve something like more Chi. In fact, by practising Chi Gong for long time, your mind can reach out to the universe and draw universe energy into your body and further more your soul can get out of your body and wander in spiritual world and contact the spiritual body in the universe. At this stage you will have supernatural power such as seeing something in next door. By finger touching a book, you can tell what this book is all about. But be carefull, some problems will happen. First of all, sometimes as you practise Chi Gong, the Chi in your body will go wildly out of control, leaving the practiser rolling over ground painfully crying for help. Even you are well guided by Chi Gong master and get more Chi and become healthier or even disease cured or even tumour disappeared. You will have a special heavy feeling at the center of your bossom. The more practice you made, the more heavy you would feel at the center of the bossom. As the feeling continues to a certain degree, another strange feeling will come over you, the Chi in your body will go through into your arms and legs from the center of your bossom. If the Chi in arms and legs is activated by the spiritual body in the universe. Your arms and legs can not be controlled by your mind, but by the strange strength in all your arms and legs. The result is very terrible, the practiser will do anything beyond the control of his mind. Chances are the practiser will kill himself or somebody else.
Somebody may ask what is the spiritual body he contacted. In Ephesians 6:12 "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood., but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." In John 14:30 just before Jesus was crusified, He said "... for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me".When Jesus was in the world, Satan could not rule the world. When Jesus left the world, Satan became the ruler of this dark world until Jesus second coming.

When the soul of the Chi Gong practiser leaves his body and enters the spiritual world, it is a sinful soul. The sinful demon of Satan will come to contact the Chi Gong pracriser and gave him demon's power by entering into his body. The first stop for the demon's power is at the center of his bossom, then the demon's power will expand into his arms and legs. Even though the demon's power does not do wild things, this evil spirit will remain in his body. If the Chi Gong practiser is a Christian, then he will distance himself gradually from God. If the Chi Gong practiser is not a Christian, then he will have the resistance to Gospel. It is very difficult to convert him. This ensures the soul of Chi Gong practiser going to Satan after his death. If Satan wants the soul sooner, then the demon's spiritual power in the practiser will start doing violent things like killing. Therefore practising Chi Gong is good for health only for a shor time. In the long run, practisung Chi Gong gives Satan a leverage to get your soul. It is not a way to have better health free of cost.
Maybe you don't believe what I said. Here is a true testimony from a young Chi Gong practiser in China. His book was first published in Taiwan in 1999.
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