1. Introduction: Water Well and Water Tank:
There is a well, a living water well. The water in the well is very deep, difficult to scoop up. Some good-hearted people did their best to lift up some water and put into a water tank beside the well. Later on some other good-hearted people also lift up some water and put into another water tank. Then water tank number increased gradually around the well. These good-hearted people have the same intention, i.e. make some ready water for people to use, relieve them of scooping water from deep well.
Now then, when people came and found the ready water beside the well, they are all very delighted, nobody care the water inside the well. Some people took water from this water tank and other people took water from other water tank. They all enjoyed the water and urged other people to take water from their water tank.
As time passed by, some leaves fell into the water tank and some small flying bugs dropped in the water: the water taste is not so sweet as before. But people were already used to the taste, even though the taste changed, they did not mind. Somebody said the water taste should be like that.
One day came a man, who took water from all water tanks and tasted, but he felt no water was good in taste. He rolled up his sleeves and did his best to scoop up a pail of water from the deep well. As he tasted, he found the taste was so sweet, much better than the water from water tanks. he asked those people, regular water tank drinker, to taste his water. They tasted and realized it is much better. But they refused to admit. They said the taste was different from that they were used to, it must had some problem. So the man put his pail of water to the market and ask all people come to taste.
Now, some readers may be confused and ask what are you talking about ? this water and that water. Let me explain. The living water well refers to God's Word, original Bible. What do the water tanks mean ? I leave this to your meditattion. I will explain the true meaning of Trinity from the living water well.
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