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Human being is consisted of two parts: body and soul. The body is from our parents and the soul is ultimately from God The relationship between parents and children is of life and love. In the same way, the relationship between God and human being is also of life and love. But people never have this experience. People always ask where God is ? Show me. What is the reason for this problem ? Because people are all with sins and God is absolutely holy. Holy God and sinful people have no way to communicate with each other, just like a broken telephone line cannot transmit message. People at the both ends of the line cannot feel the existence of the people at the other end.


The word sin does not necessarily mean breaking the law of our society, but it always refers to our conscience. Every behavior offences our conscience is sin, such as cursing, lie, deceit, arrogance, greed, lust and so on. We all know these things are no good, but we often commit. That is why Bible says all people are sinners, no one is holy. Because of sin when people die, that means the soul separates from body, his soul is a dirty soul. Dirty soul or spirit cannot go to God, but is thrown into hell, which is a lake of fire. In the hell, the dirty soul will experience second death. This is a very terrible suffering.


God love people in the world. He wants to save us from perish. How to do this ? The answer is shedding blood to have God’s forgiveness of all sins. This shedding blood is not from the sinners, but from a sinless. In old times B.C. God gave His chosen people Israelites a grace i.e. Israelites can offer a lamb to be killed and shed the lamb’s blood to cleanse the person. This lamb became a redeemer.


God intended to expand this grace to all people in the world. He sent His only son Jesus to the world to be a Redeemer for all sinners. Jesus is not a descendant of a male, but a female. His mother Mary got pregnancy from Holy Spirit. So Jesus is sinless, and He is Holy. His blood has the effect of cleansing all sins.


Though Jesus is Son of God, yet the Jewish people did not believe this. They thought Jesus pretended to be Son of God. This is an enormity. They crucified him. On the Cross Jesus shed His precious blood. This blood can cleanses all sins of all people as long as you confess your sins and accept Jesus as your personal savior. In Bible, Jesus said:”I am the gate for the sheep, whoever enters through me will be saved. Sheep refers to Christians. If you make an entry prayer i.e. confess your sin and accept Jesus as your personal savior, you will be surely saved. All your sins will be cleansed, and Holy Spirit will come into your heart and dwell there as a proof of your salvation.--- you become son of God. This Salvation is only from Jesus. Those idols in temple were made by man’s hand. It is not god; it cannot save you. Bible says sorrows of those will increase, who run after other godsandBlessed is the nation whose God is Jesus.


When you have Holy Spirit in your heart, you can spiritually communicate with God. This spiritual communication with God is called prayer, just as the broken telephone line is re-connected. Christians can tell God all their problems in life through prayer, just as children tell parents all their troubles in school. Are there any parents in the world who refuse to help their children ? Definitely not. In the same way, our God is full of mercy and grace. He is ready to help His children i.e. all Christians who pray to Him. This is the reason why Christianity can spread from a little town named Jerusalem to all over the world for so many centuries and have millions and millions followers. In the past three centuries among 300 well known scientists, at lease eighty percent of them are Christians. This is not because they found God in their lab, but they experienced Jesus Salvation, accept Jesus as their personal savior. Now this salvation also comes to you today. It will not cost you anything, just requires you to do an entry prayer as suggested below:


Dear God:

I confess I am a sinner and I repent. I accept Jesus as my personal Savior. Please forgive my  sins and come into my heart and become the master of my life. Please save me and save me to the end. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


If you sincerely made the above entry prayer, all your sins will be surely forgiven. Holy Spirit, a new life, will come to your heart. Your name will be written on the book of life in Heaven. You   become the children of God. Then you can pray to God every day effectively. Here is a four-points beginner's daily prayer for your reference.


Heavenly Father:

1. (at night) Please forgive my sins in the day (this is the most important)

    (in the morning) Please lead me today, prevent me from doing bad things.

2. Please strengthen my faith and remove my doubts.

3. Please help me solve all my troubles in my life (you can list them)

4. Please give me a happy heart and remove my worries.

In Jesus name. Amen.


You have to pray at least twice a day, the more the better. Close your eyes and kneel down to pray have the best effect. If circumstance does not allow, you can open your eyes and pray in your heart. You can pray anywhere and anytime. Jesus is your help anytime.  Besides prayer, a beginer Christian should start to read Bible and attend church worship as often as you can. In this way, the new life in your heart (Holy Spirit) will grow and you will have joy and peace in your heart. You can behave fairly, and ready to help others. A non-believer can also offer help, but their sins remain there. Good-doing alone can not save him. Just as a dirty man put on a dress, the dress soon becomes dirty. Everyone must experience Jesus Salvation to be saved.


A few words about Bible

In 2 Timothy 3:16 All Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correct and training in righteousness About 40 people weremoved by God to write Bible from different time and different places. The places include Europe, Asia, Africa. The time spans about 1600 years. At 4thcentury all articles converged to be a Bible. No contradiction to each other, very well streamlined. Every year Bible has the top publication quantity.In Bible there are more than one thousand prophesies. None of them is in vain. Only the last a few are under progress. So many rulers in the world hated Bible. They tried to destroy Bible. But at end of the destruction, not Bible was destroyed, but those rulers were destroyed. The existence of Bible itself is the evidence of existence of God.

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