Gospel for Jews :
1)Since Adam and Eve disobeyed God's command and ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Their eyes were opened and knew what is good and evil. They found their nakedness is shamful.and covered their bodies with leaves. So their conscience of good and bad bacame the standard of conviction of sin. If you know what is not good, but you do, you commit sin. If you know what is good,but you do not do under any excuse, you also commit sin. People bcome slaves of sin and under Satan control. God cannot see sins, because He is absolutely pure and Holy.
2 )After thousands and thousands of sinned people fell into Satan's control and went to hell. Jehovah God wanted to save some of them. He started His Salvation from one man called Abraham. Abraham believed in Jehovah God and Jehovah God counted it to him for righteousness (Gen. 15:6). God changed his name from Abram into Abraham and promised him to be father of many nations (Gen. 17:5). This is the start point of Salvation to Israelites.
3 ) God wanted to expand His salvation into all the world and let Gentiles come inside His salvation. In Bible Romans 11:17-on, Jews were compared to good olive tree and Gentiles were compared to wild olive tree. In order to graft wild olive shoots to good olive tree, some branches of the good olive tree must be cut for grafting the wild olive shoots. i.e. Gentiles salvation is at the sacrifice of the Jews. When the Gentiles number is full in Salvation, all Israelites will be saved. (Romans 11:25-26). Now it is the time Gospel is approaching almost all the world and you Jews, God’s chosen people, should be saved altogether.
4 )How to be saved ? According to Bible Hebrews 9:22 “Almost all things are purged by blood, without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness”. Before Christ came to Cross cattle and sheep’s blood cleansed Israelites’s sin. After Crucifixion of Jesus every person’s sin can only be cleansed by Jesus blood, when he confessed his sin and accepted Jesus as his personal savior. For Jews you must confess that Jesus is Son of God, Messiah, Christ. through Jesus precious blood your sins can be forgiven. You must openly say these words in your prayer, then you can be saved. Holy Spirit will come into your heart and you become son of God and a Christian
5 )The name Christian or Christianity maybe is very disgusting in Jews experience. Since the German protestant reformist Martin Luther published his teaching about salvation is through faith and he preached this teaching to Jews but was rejected. Then he became hatred of Jews and wrote some articles attacking Jews. During the second world war, Nazi Germany used these articles as the reason to kill Jews. At that time the German Christian regularly killed many Jews in the day time and praised the Lord at night. No Christian countries in Europe showed any kindness to give Jews a refuge
6 )In 1939 a ship named St. Louis carried over 900 Jews escaped from Nazi concentration camp. This ship sailed to America with a hope to get a refuge. But to their great disappointment this ship was rejected. Then this ship turned to Canada, it was also rejected. Though America and Canada were all Christian countries at that time. yet they gave no refuge to Jews for fear of Hitler’s retaliation. At last this ship went back to Germany and these 900 Jews were put back into concentration camp and two thirds died there.
7 )These tragedies made Jews very disgusting to Christian and refuse to be converted. But things are not necessarily to be so bad. During Nazi persecution of Jews, China accepted thousands and thousands of Jews to China as refugee. Jews were allowed to settle in China and allowed to do business in China When they first came to China most of them were penniless. When they left China in 50’ they were very rich. When I was a student in Shanghai, my school was short of playground and rented a piece of land from a Jewish property located on west Nanking road. This property later on becomes Shanghai Exhibition .
8 ) A friend in need is a friend indeed. Chinese Christians realize where our salvation is from and who lost their salvation for our cause. Chinese Christians got a vision to preach Gospel to Jerusalem in the early 21 century We cordially expect all Jews forgive those who made these tragedies in the past and open your mind to accept Jesus to your heart. You deserve God’s salvation, because you are originally God’s chosen people.

Note on paragraph 6:

The information on paragraph 6 is from a DVD disk named “A Travel to embrace Israel” in Chinese version. It is not for sale. It is made by Watchmen for the Nations Located in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. P.O.Box 700 V3B 6H9 and Kingdom Ministries http://www.kingdommin.org and The Kingdom Magazine www.thekingdommagazine.org

This disk recorded that on July 1 1999 2300 Canada Christians from every province and territories had a Repentance Meeting in Winnipeg, all Christians weeping and repenting for the tragedy of St. Louis ship.

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