7 )Gospel for Islam
1) The scripture for Islam is Koran and for Christian is Bible.If compare these two scriptures,you can find some topics have the same meaningand some are different, then you can find the true difference between these two religions
2) The topics with the same meaning are eight.
2-A) The God in the two Scriptures is the only God, who deserves worship. In Koran (K-6:102)(K-59:22-24), in Bible (Exodus 20:3).
2-B) The God in both Scriptures is the first and the last. (K-57:3); (Rev 22:13)
2C) The God in both scriptures created the universe in 6 days. (K-2:117)(K-7:54)(K-10:3)(Genesis chapter1).
2-D) The God in both Scriptures created a man from dust, his name is Adam. and Both Scriptures said Adam was seduced by Satan to eat a forbidden apple. (K-2:21)(K-2:35)(K-7:19-24);(Genesis chapter 2).
2-E) Both Scriptures recorded Noah, who built an Ark according to God's instruction to save people and animals from a big flood (K-11:36-46) (K-23:27 28);(Gen. chapter 6-7)
2-F) Both Scriptures recorded Moses, who led Israelites pass through Red Sea. (K-2:47)(K-2:49-50); (Exodus chapter 13,14).
2-G) Both Scriptures recorded Abraham and his two sons; one is Ismael and another one is Issac. (K-2:127)(K-2:136) (Genesis 17:23)(Genesis 22:1-2).
2-H) Both Scriptures recorded Mary and Her son Jesus. (K-2:87)(K-61:6 and 14) (Matthew 1:18-25)(Mark 2:1-21)
3) There are four topics with different meaning in the two Scriptures:
3-A) The God's name in Islam is known by all people Allah and in Christianity is Jehovah.
3-B) In Koran, Allah has no child, all Allah believers are His servants (K-19:89-93 )(K-23:91(K-25:1-2))but in Christianity, all Christians have Holy Spirit in heart and are God's children. (Rome 8:16)(John 1:12-13)
3-C) In Koran, those who believe and work righteous deeds,- all evil shall be blot from them (K-25:70) (K-29:7) In Christianity all believers's sin are cleansed by Jesus blood on the Cross. Evil means evil deeds, not including vicious thinking, but sin covers both. Jesus blood gives a thorough cleansing, then Holy Spirit can live in believers; heart. This is the key difference.
3-D) In Koran, good believers goes to a Garden after death and stay there as long as the heaven and earth.(K-11:107-108); in Bible Mark 13:31 said " Heaven and earth shall pass away .." so the time in the Garden is not unlimited. There is no eternal life in Koran. In John 8:35 "servant cannot live in house forever, but Son lives forever.". The house is Heavenly Father's house. Only Jesus believers have eternal life.
4) From the above comparison and analysis, you can perceive that the God Allah and Jehovah is the same God, the difference is in His relationship with the believers. The relation between Allah and His believers is master and servants. The relation between Jehovah and His believers is father and son. Different relation has different name for God. As for why did this difference happen ? You must read Bible (not in Koran) Genesis chapter 16 and 22. Ismael's mother Hagar is a servant, while Issac's birth is from Jehovah God. Jehovah made Abraham's wife Sarah conceive at age 90, and gave birth to Issac and Jesus is the descendent of Issac. Therefore all Christians are sons of God.
5) In the past over one thousand years, Islam believers can never claim son of Allah, They can only submit themselves as servant of Allah. But in the last days , Jesus Salvation must be preached to all the world, then Jesus will second come to the world. So the status of son comes before all Islam believers. As long as you are willing to receive Jesus Salvation, your status of servant can be instantly raised to the status of son of God.
6) How to do this ? You must believe in your heart and confess in your mouth that Jesus is son of God. He died on Cross for my sin. His blood cleansed my sin. So Holy Spirit can live in my heart and I become son of God. From now on I can pray to God through Jesus Christ. Please refer to this evangelical sheet. and learn the four points beginners prayer.
7) Since 9-11 event, Islam is covered with a mask of terrorist religion, because they killed a lot of innocent people. In fact everything happened under the sun with God consent. Son and servant are all under God's control. Son is a beloved one, but when son went wrong by doing evil thing like idol-worship. God will send a servant to beat the son. Just looking at Israel's history, Israel is son of God, when at old age of king Solomon, he married a lot of Gentile girls and followed them to worship idols. After Solomon some more kings also worshipped idols. God sent servant to beat the son. God raised Nebuchadnezzar to attack Israelites and occupied Jerusalem. He captured a large amount of Israelites to Babylon to be slave for 70 .years. See 2 Chronicles 36:17-22. In Isaiah 10:5-6 Jehovah God said "Assyrian is the rod of my anger I will send him against people of my wroth" Who is Assyrian today? Just these people around Iraq and Iran
8) But when the servant serving as God's rod beat the beloved son much too hard, God said "I was a little angry (with my son), they added calamity"(Zechariah1: 15). So God took revenge by razing Babylon to debris up to now. (Jeremiah 50:15; 51:24 -58) So you can see God constantly loves His son.. Now the chance of becom ing God's son is just before you, Allah's servant. Please do not miss this chance.
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